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How To Address Shame And Guilt During Addiction Recovery Lantana Recovery: Addiction Treatment Rehab Center

In DBT, clients learn to identify and challenge negative self-talk that contributes to feelings of shame and guilt. They also learn how to tolerate distressing emotions without resorting to harmful behaviors. The focus of therapy is on helping clients build a life worth living, rather than fixating on past mistakes or shortcomings. So, how does […]

Wine Addiction: Does Wine Alcoholism Exist? Effects And Dangers

This study is just one puzzle piece to help keep the “complexity of alcohol” in context with overall health, Petitpain says. Part of that is figuring out how much of the benefits come from alcohol and how much are from plant nutrients during the grape fermentation process. Warmer regions allow for a longer growing season, […]

Alcoholic Narcissist Alcohol And Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The treatment of NPD and AUD should ideally be delivered simultaneously, especially if there is severe addiction or depression. With that said, there are challenges to delivering appropriate care for the dual diagnosis. NPD and AUD frequently co-exist and can increase the effects of each other. Addiction is an insidious and complex condition that often […]

Overcoming Dry Drunk Syndrome or PAWS

Our personalized approach to care consists of addiction treatment programs and types of therapy. We aim to help our clients regain control over their emotions and create a stable foundation for a healthier, happier life. Wernicke encephalopathy develops most often in people with alcohol use disorder. People who are more focused on the present than […] Protection Status